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Selling timeshare resales is what we do best! Stroman Realty is the world’s largest resort timeshare resale broker with 30 years experience. We have sold numerous properties located at vacation resorts in nearly every part of the world. If you desire to sell timeshare, we will provide you with the expertise and specialized services to professionally get your timeshare resale sold. We don’t stop there. We provide a full service solution to sell timeshare from advertising to closing. If you ever say to yourself, “I want to sell my timeshare resale” now is the time do to so.

Sell your timeshare resale now on the resale market. Reach thousands of interested timeshare buyers that have already called us and registered to buy. Our aggressive advertising campaigns now reach more timeshare buyers than ever before and we put the timeshare resales transaction together for you. We also focus on educating you with a vast amount of free information related to the methods in the timeshare resales industry to sell your timeshare now, no matter what brand or location.
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We offer timeshare buyers and timeshare renters an extensive timeshare resales catalog, including resorts affiliated with RCI and Interval International resort exchange systems. Whether you’re looking for timeshare resales in Cancun, Orlando, Colorado or Aruba, you can find your ultimate vacation here at Timeshare Link. We also provide free information to consumers that outline the many types of vacation timeshare resales that are available to buy. Timeshares for sale is a full service timeshare rental broker offering renters an extensive resort catalog of timeshares for rent at bargain prices. Not sure if you want to buy a timeshare now? Check out our rentals and find a bargain for lodging at your next vacation destination. If you find yourself in a position where you suddenly think “I can’t use my timeshare this year”, then consider renting out your timeshare through us. Timeshares for rent