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Timeshare Resale Vacation Buying Trends:  A 2003-2007 Study

About the Study

timeshare vacations imageThis study uses timeshare resale vacation sales data for a five-year period from 2003 through the end of 2007.  The intent here is to provide a trend analysis of timeshare resales to consumers, timeshare sellers, industry personnel and other interested parties.  In this Study, the resale data are based on those individual sellers that utilized Stroman Realty, Inc., a timeshare resale broker. A timeshare resale is a sale by an individual owner to another consumer. It does not include sales by resorts.

About the Author

As of this writing the authors know of no such work product study, or any similar type of document that uses actual timeshare resale data. The few prior references to resales in other studies were extremely limited. Further, sample sizes were small as to not be statistically significant.

Resort Inventory International, Rii®, is a division of Stroman Realty, Inc. Now celebrating its 29th anniversary, Rii® has conducted this internal timeshare vacations study using thousands of in-house timeshare resale transactions.

Stroman Realty has sold timeshare properties located in 25 countries with buyers and sellers in 94 countries in over 1331 different timeshare resorts. We also market on the Internet to those interested in timeshare vacations as a form of second home ownership. The internet has significantly enhanced marketing efforts nationally and worldwide.

A significant portion of our marketing is domestic direct mail to buyers and sellers who are residents of the United States. We believe study results were influenced by this fact.

Wayne Stroman has spent over 17 years assisting in building the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is number one in the nation. The Houston Association is looked to by all other REALTOR® associations as having the most advanced technologies and membership rules that are broker, agent and consumer friendly. Their public website ( has won numerous awards for innovation, unique visitors and best association website.

Having held numerous leadership positions in the Houston, Texas and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Mr. Stroman is leading the way for a new era of providing solutions for timeshare buyers, sellers and cooperating timeshare resale brokers. To succeed in such a diverse business says volumes about the quality of the people at Rii® Stroman.

We hope that after reading this timeshare vacations study you will have a greater understanding of this emerging market.

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Timeshare Resale Vacation Buying Trends: A 2003-2007 Study

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  1. Timeshare Development
  2. Aspects of the Timeshare Real Estate Market
  3. Issues for the Timeshare Vacations Secondary Market
  4. Barriers to an Effective Resale Market – for Brokers
  5. Developer Resale Issues
  6. Reasons People Resell Their Timeshare Vacations
  7. Types of Timeshare Resort Properties
  8. Types of Timeshare Resellers
    1. Developer, Onsite And HOA Resales
    2. Advertising Companies
    3. “Take the Week” or “Title Transfer” Companies
    4. Resale Dealers
    5. Licensed Real Estate Brokerage
      1. Local Traditional Real Estate Brokers
      2. Regional Timeshare Real Estate Broker
      3. National and International Timeshare Resale Brokers
  9. Introduction of Findings
  10. Location of Timeshare and Buyer As Affecting Resales
  11. Comparison of International Sales Data
  12. Top Ten Best Selling Resorts
  13. The Timeshare Resale Future
  14. Timeshare Consumer Advice
  15. Misconceptions of Timeshare Resale Vacations Industry
  16. More about Stroman Realty