Purchase Timeshare Points

There are many timeshare point systems available to timeshare owners. This article briefly describes three main factors relating to timeshare points:

Purchase Timeshare Points

RCI Timeshare Points

Each Points affiliated resort system has its own Points program. For instance, generally in order to be a member of the RCI Points System, you must own timeshare at an RCI Points resort; for Wyndham Points, you must own a wyndham resorts timeshare, etc. Most Points are transferable; however, some restrictions may apply.

Points Valuation

rci timeshare points picturePoints valuations within a Points System are typically based on variables that include location and quality of the resort, amenities, unit configuration, season (time of year), regional demand, etc.

Points Systems typically are valued differently. For example, Blue Green timeshare Points are valued in single thousands of Points; RCI Points are valued in the tens of thousands of Points; Wyndham Points are valued in the hundreds of thousands to millions of Points; etc.

Timeshare Points Usage

timeshare resale points imageThink of timeshare Points in terms of the fact that you use dollars to buy a block of Points that will get you variable use of timeshare properties every year – depending upon your choice of unit, week, resort, number of days taken, etc. Instead of spending dollars, you spend your timeshare points.

Timeshare Points can offer owners many options and flexibility. They can be used in a variety of ways (e.g. associated hotels, car rentals, airlines, cruises, entertainment, variable usage) depending upon the Point System with which you are associated. Just make sure you have enough Points to confirm any reservation of choice.

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Selling Timeshare Points

Click here for more information about how to sell timeshare points.

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