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Savvy vacationers shop for time share sales in the secondary market. Why pay retail when time share sales can provide you with great vacation BARGAINS.

Couple who found their dream time share on the resale market.TimeShareLink.com is a time share sales and resales specialist! We've been selling timeshares since 1979. On behalf of individual time share owners who want or need to sell timeshares, our licensed representatives are here to help you find exactly the right timeshare to meet your vacation needs.

You can SAVE MONEY on time share sales when you buy timeshares on the resale market. You can have the same luxurious accommodations, fantastic amenities and outstanding recreational facilities as if you purchased directly from the resort itself.

The CHOICE is yours... Experience at your leisure the warmth of the beaches or the thrill of the ski slopes. With time share sales, you can even exchange your week for any one of hundreds of spectacular resort destinations. You may choose an exciting adventure at a variety of exotic places, or as many do, return year after year to your very special vacation "getaway"-making memories with each year that passes.

Browse through our timeshare sale catalog. The timeshare catalog contains individually-owned time share sales located at the most desirable vacation resorts and locations that you could ever imagine.

For more information on purchasing time share sales call (800)258-7208 toll free.

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