Types of Timeshare Resorts

Consumers have choices of various product types of timeshare resorts available to buy timeshares in today's market. The original timeshare product was sold as a fixed week and fixed unit. This means the vacationer's use is the same week of the year in the same unit at one location each year. 

Next timeshare resorts introduced floating use whereby the owner must contact the timeshare resort or management company in advance to make reservations based upon availability. 

With the advancement of the product and progression of use, you also find some products being sold as biennial which entitles use on an every other year basis. Taking this a step further, some products are even offered once every third year as a "triennial." 

An October 2007 AIF study by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated that 42.3% of timeshare resorts products now being sold are points based. The timeshare points programs offer owners much more flexibility by allowing use by the night and the option to use the balance of allotted points at a later time on a variety of products. This "splitting" of points or weeks was not an option with the traditional timeshare resorts product.

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