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Setting Your Timeshare Sales Price

Setting your timeshare sales price img After you have decided that selling your timeshare is the appropriate course of action, the primary factor to be determined is your timeshare sales price. Statistics show that the average timeshare resale price falls within 25% to 50% below the developer pricing. At Timeshare Resale Broker, our timeshare experts can advise you on the value of timeshare. To learn more call (800)671-8962 today or click here to see why Timeshare Resale Broker is where to sell timeshare.

Though the value of a timeshare property can be generalized with this average, there are many factors that can influence your timeshare's sales price including week number, resort destination, the resort's rating, amenities and the unit's view.

Week Number

The value of a timeshare property can vary drastically depending on the week the property is owned. These are referred to as week numbers which are indicative of the weeks that fall within the year.

The most desired weeks are often those at which vacationing to the destination is most popular. For example, if you owned a timeshare in the Caribbean, the most desired weeks fall within the spring and fall season. The most popular weeks at snow ski resorts fall within the winter months and have an off season during summer.

Aside from popular weeks at specific destinations, there are also customary weeks at which families are able to take vacation. Some examples include spring break, summer break, Christmas break, etc.

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Resort Destination

Another factor to consider when setting the price of your timeshare is the popularity of the destination. Though timeshares exist throughout the United States and abroad, some destinations see more travelers, tourists and vacationers. If your resort destination is in an area that is in high demand, or if the destination is less known for tourism or traveling, your price should be adjusted accordingly.

Resort Rating

Consideration of the resort rating is also a factor in determining your timeshare sales price. Many of the resorts utilize the star rating system, however, star ratings may mean different things depending on which country or area is being considered. Generally, a four or five star resort may indicate a higher value than a two or three star resort, but basing a price on this information alone can be conflicting. Some great resorts exist with more amenities, and larger rooms than a competing resort, however, may be classified as a three star resort depending on criteria such as age of the resort, amount of staff employed or location.


Amenities are generally factored in when you work at setting your timeshare's sales price. Some resorts provide in-room laundry facilities; some may provide an onsite laundry area to be shared by all patrons. A resort may provide an in-room spa or Jacuzzi while others only provide access to a pool.

There are additional amenities to be considered when setting your sales price. A few to consider are if your timeshare has a full kitchen, partial kitchen, fireplace, handicap facilities, or if pets are allowed. The list of amenities can be extensive and also varies based on the type of resort you own at. Resorts that cater to hunting, fishing and the outdoors type vacationer will differ from a resort that caters to snow skiing.

Resort Amenities vs. Specific Unit Amenities

When you consider amenities available when setting your timeshare sales price, there is usually a distinguishable difference between amenities offered by your resort and amenities offered by the property that you own at the resort.

Resort Amenities

Amenities specific to the resort may differ based on the type of resort it is, the classification of the resort as well as the location in which the resort exists. Some resort specific amenities may include:

  • shuttle service
  • limo service
  • onsite restaurants
  • gift shops
  • guide services
  • fitness center
  • conference room
  • onsite childcare

Unit Amenities

Examples of property or unit amenities may include essential items such as

  • microwave
  • coffee maker
  • internet access
  • cocktail bar
  • or anything that is available for use that accompanies ownership of the specific unit or property.

All Inclusive Resorts

Some resorts are referred to as all inclusive and this amenity will generally be reflected in the price of the property. The most common inclusive resorts typically cover food and drinks during the week the owner utilizes the property owned.

Types of Views

One very important amenity to consider is view. The view alone can drastically change the value of your timeshare property's sale price. For example, if your resort is located on a beach in a coastal area, then your property is generally more popular and in higher demand than if you didn't have an ocean or beach view. Though beach front and ocean view may seem like a synonym, they differ drastically and the value of each will reflect the difference in sales price.

A room with a view is not limited to areas near the beach or ocean. Some resorts may have rooms on one wing that is obstructed by another building while an adjoining wing may have a view of the downtown area. A resort may also have multiple views where one area of the resort gives owners a view of a mountain landscape, while another view overlooks a lake or the heart of the city.

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