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The timeshare resellers at Timeshare Resale Broker can help take the hassle out of selling your timeshare. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions that timeshare sellers have when selling a timeshare. If you're wondering "where to sell timeshare", then you've come to the right place!

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Where to sell timeshare hassle free

where can I sell my timeshare pic Our timeshare specialists handle all aspects when selling timeshares. We market and advertise your timeshare property, negotiate offers, take bids, prepare contracts, deliver the transaction to escrow, assist in the closing process and work with you and the buyer to have the use rights transferred to the buyer at the resort after the sale closes. Most consumers don't know the complexities or steps involved when you sell timeshare on the resale market, including timeshare closings, funding, and the transfer of use rights.


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How does Timeshare Resale Broker use the Internet and other new technologies to sell timeshare online?

We utilize search engine positioning, pay per click ads, and efficient email distribution to increase exposure of your timeshare property on the timeshare resales market.

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How can I sell my timeshare through timeshare auctions?

where to sell timeshare through timeshare auctions? Timeshare Auctions help expedite the timeshare selling process by attracting urgent buyers. Our Timeshare Realtors are rewarded special incentives for selling timeshares! Learn more about how Timeshare Auctions motivate buyers who are interested in finding good deals in this article by Wayne Stroman, President and Broker of Stroman Realty!

A Timeshare Resale Auction is a live, public sale of timeshares. When selling timeshares, the properties sell to the highest bidder. Timeshare Resale Broker is where to sell timeshare, because the seller sets the minimum price they will accept and our timeshare REALTORS get the seller the best offer from the thousands of registered buyers for the auctions. Buyers can submit bids online through our timeshare sale catalog, by fax, or email or speak to one of our agents by calling (800)258-7208.

Timeshare Auctions have become very popular method to sell timeshares. Thousands of people will participate in our timeshare auctions. Our agents receive bids throughout the auction process. They are continuously working on new bids and are constantly selling timeshares in between the auctions.

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How Timeshare Resale Broker's Timeshare Resellers Sell Timeshare

  1. Call (800)671-8962 or click sell my timeshare to begin the process of selling a timeshare on the timeshare resale market. We have thousands of buyers already in our system that could be looking to buy a timeshare just like yours. Our agent's use our proprietary Computer Matching System for matching sellers to buyers. When selling timeshare through Timeshare Resale Broker's timeshare resellers, your timeshare will be immediately matched to criteria of interested buyers and marketed in our timeshare sale catalog on TimeshareLink.com!

  2. Provide all necessary information and documents about your timeshare that Timeshare Resale Broker requires to sell your timeshare.

  3. Our professionally trained, licensed Sales Associates work on your behalf to ensure that you receive the highest possible price for your timeshare. We will submit all offers to you. It is your decision to accept, reject or counter the offer.

    Click here to recieve a free timeshare market value survey of your property

  4. Once the purchaser has signed a contract, we will send you a copy of the contract for your signature.

  5. With your approval, we make all necessary arrangements for closing by coordinating with the resort & title companies concerning transfer of ownership to the new owner. For the benefit of our clients, there is located within the Timeshare Resale Broker Building complex an Escrow Agent and staff very knowledgeable about selling timeshares.

  6. It is the policy of Timeshare Resale Broker to assist you throughout the resale transaction until ownership is transferred and you receive final funding on the sale of your timeshare. Once escrow is opened, funding typically occurs within approximately 60 to 90 days.

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How do we attract timeshare buyers to sell timeshare?

We advertise, advertise and then advertise some more!

Selling Timeshares through Advertising
Timeshare Resale Broker advertises timeshares for sale or rent everyday of the year and has invested millions of dollars in marketing to sell timeshare on behalf of individual owners. We syndicate our property ads to over 40 different websites. An "online" catalog containing resort descriptions of individually owned RPMLS© registered properties is available to the estimated 1 billion users on the Internet.

Largest Direct Mail Marketing Among Timeshare Resellers
In our commitment to selling timeshares, Timeshare Resale Broker conducts the largest in-house direct mail marketing operation in the timeshare resale industry. For decades Timeshare Resale Broker has annually mailed millions of mail pieces targeted to potential clients.

Exposure On The Internet
Our website specializes in helping timeshare owners sell timeshare online providing timeshare buyers, sellers, and renters with an abundance of helpful information on how to sell a timeshare. Consumers can browse through the world's largest online timeshare sales catalog which contains individually-owned timeshares for sale at 5269 resorts worldwide - including both RCI affiliated resorts and II affiliated resorts.

Other Marketing for Timeshare Owners

  • Timeshare Resale Broker promotes a vehicle for selling timeshares -- Timeshare Auctions are going on 24 hours a day seven days a week and bids can be placed through dozens of websites.
  • Our Resort Services Group (RSG) also presents our timeshare services directly to resorts.
  • Our Try-Before-You-Buy Rental Program as well as our standard timeshare rental services are in demand.
  • We work with 100's of timeshare brokers that the property is available too worldwide. We have sold over $100,000,000 of timeshare for individual owners. Over 30 years ago we were the first REALTORS in the resale business for timeshare. Our network has sold in over 1,300 timeshare resorts located in 47 states and 29 countries.

Each of these efforts helps to make Timeshare Resale Broker the pace where to sell timeshare.

Co-broker referrals, Resort referrals, Owner referrals & Buyer referrals
The VacationWay© Timeshare Referral Program is one more way that Timeshare Resale Broker maximizes exposure for individuals renting or selling timeshares. VacationWay© was created because REFERRALS WORK!

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