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Should I buy a timeshare on the timeshare resale market or directly from a Resort?

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There are many excellent timeshare bargains available in the timeshare resale market. You can buy timeshares (that you would purchase direct from a resort) from an individual owner generally at extremely attractive prices through Timeshare Resale Broker's timeshare sale catalog.

High marketing cost is one of the underlying problems associated with both timeshare resales and new timeshares for sale. It is estimated that the marketing costs alone are over 40% of the new sales price paid by the consumer. Individual timeshare owners and the general public have a negative perception of these inordinately high marketing costs. This is one of the reasons developers elect not to become involved with resales.

People wanting to know how to buy a timeshare are not aware that the marketing costs are so high – until they try to resell their units. The resort developer's 40-50% marketing costs on a new $10,000 timeshare sale often exceed the resale price.

The timeshare resale dilemma is further magnified by a sales technique commonly used by resort developers at the new sales table. Following is an example of this technique, referred to as “the drop.” The salesperson initially presents the property for $15,000. To increase the urgency for the consumer to buy timeshare, a manager is brought in to offer it for $10,000 – today only. This common practice increases the motivation to buy a timeshare because it infers that the property is worth much more than the buyer is paying. This inflated perceived value of the timeshare, created by the developer's sales team, is a tremendous problem throughout the industry.

What are some of the major benefits when you buy a timeshare vs. staying in a hotel?

  1. should I buy a timeshare? Timeshares have more space and amenities: Studio, 1,2,& 3 bedroom timeshare units are most common, security, fully furnished, den, washer/dryer, kitchen with cooking/eating utensils -- many are equipped with whirlpool, hot tub, sauna, VCR, fireplace, playground, arcade, golf, tennis, marina, babysitting, swimming pool and much more. Essential amenities are just another reason to buy timeshares. Compare the difference between a basic Hotel vs. Timeshare Resort.

  2. Fixing future vacation costs saves money!

  3. Guaranteed quality and amenities.

  4. Timeshare Resale equity after 10-20-30 years.

  5. Timeshare exchange possibilities and resort choices (Buy timeshares at 1600 plus resorts in the USA, also 400+ resorts in Mexico and Caribbean).

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How to buy a timeshare through Timeshare Resale Broker

  1. Should you buy a timeshare, the first thing you should do is contact a Timeshare Specialist to purchase timeshare with us by calling (800)258-7208 or you may search our on-line timeshare sale catalog consisting of 5512 resorts.

  2. Select a resort and/or favorite location to vacation. The choice is yours. Whether you seek elegant accommodations at exotic destinations, a rustic mountain cabin near a clear, beautiful lake; world class entertainment, a romantic getaway; a sunny beach timeshare or the excitement of a ski timeshare, there is a resort tailor-made for YOU! Many resorts have amenities such as fully equipped kitchens (where you won't be forced to expensively dine out), saunas, fireplaces, playgrounds, washers, dryers, athletic facilities, etc. Options include one, two and three bedroom facilities.

    If you are seeking to buy timeshares, Timeshare Resale Broker can help! We offer a choice of over 5269 vacation resorts located in the U.S. and worldwide. Try it out today!

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