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Exchanging your timeshare is just one of many benefits of timeshare ownership. Upon purchasing your timeshare, you will want to become a member of an exchange company. Exchange companies are usually affiliated with your resort and can assist you in exchanging your timeshare for one at a comparable resort. Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) are two of the largest exchange companies in the world. Membership and exchange fees are nominal. There are also a number of smaller independent exchange companies that are just as easy to exchange through -- Donita's, Trading Places and Platinum Interchange just to name a few.

Below are links to several exchange companies that may be suitable to meet your needs.

RCI II Platinum Interchange TPI DAE ICE
Resort Condominiums International Interval International Serving the Platinum Family of Resorts and Affiliates Trading Places International Dial an Exchange
(Formerly Donita's)
Private Resort and Cruise Club

Once you have become a member of an exchange company, you can contact their consultants to walk you through the easy process of exchanging. You deposit your week into the “bank.” The bank is made up of other timeshare owners throughout the world that have also deposited their weeks. Some exchange companies may allow you to choose your exchange prior to depositing your week. Contact your exchange company to request an exchange after you have found a location and week that works for you. When you deposit your timeshare, it is not necessary to make an exchange immediately. One of the benefits to exchanging is that you don’t have to travel during the same week that you have deposited, thereby, giving you more flexibility in your vacation planning.

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