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Recently, Stroman Realty Inc's CEO, Wayne Stroman, published a warning and information letter on his website In this world of instant information accessible through the world wide web, not everything you find is reliable. This is especially true if you begin searching the internet for information about selling your timeshare. In the last few years dozens of websites have appeared and offer services to help you sell your timeshare. Unfortunately many of these turn out to be pages generated for the sole purpose of selling ads for Google and others. They offer little information, no accountability, and zero experience.

They may even draw attention to themselves by luring those seeking timeshare information from well established companies like Stroman Realty, Inc. Brand names are hijacked, and then the final bait and switch takes place.

Timeshare resales scams and fraudulent practices have been around a long time. Unsuspecting timeshare owners have paid thousands of dollars to get their timeshare transferred to someone else only to discover that the timeshare title was never transferred, they still hold the deed, and are liable for maintenance fees. And the company they paid their $2,000 to $3,000 fees to cannot be found.

You can sum up the article in this quote: "The use of look-a-like services can frustrate buyers and sellers to the timeshare resale process and can cause loss of time and money that could have been saved."

Stroman Realty, Inc has been in the resort timeshare resales business nearly three decades and is still under the same original management. That's an important factor when deciding how to sell a timeshare.

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Comment By paul At 10/10/2008 11:58 AM
Just make sure you use a legit Timeshare Title company and buy title insurance if buying.
Comment By arizona auto insurance At 7/5/2009 7:15 PM
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