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Today's featured timeshare sold is the Villas at Polo Towers in Las Vegas. The former owner of this timeshare lives in California, the buyer is in Canada, the timeshare is in Nevada, the title company is in Florida, and our timeshare resales brokerage is in Texas.

This Villas at Polo Towers Las Vegas timeshare is a two bedroom lockout, annual use, floating week, floating unit. The buyer paid all the closing costs and elected not to get timeshare title insurance. This sale closed fairly fast - 3 weeks.

Villas at Polo Towers in Las Vegas - The newest addition to the family of Diamond Resorts is the Villas at Polo Towers. The resort is situated on the Vegas Strip in the heart of the "Miracle Mile" and within walking distance of some of the most incredible attractions in the world. The one and two bedroom villas are luxuriously appointed with decor reminiscent of the Tuscany region of Italy.

Other timeshares available for sale at Villas at Polo Towers include:

Villas at Polo Towers Timeshare - Two bedroom lockout, get two weeks when you divide the unit size!
Villas at Polo Towers Timeshare - One bedroom, annual use, floating time.
Villas at Polo Towers Timeshare - Many more to choose from!

Be sure to visit the 19th Floor Polo Lounge for a spectacular 270 degree view of the Strip. And if you are ready to sell timeshare at Polo Towers, give the timeshare experts at a call!

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