The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner – A Timeshare Owners’ Lamentation

The byline should be: “Sorry I Bought A Timeshare”.

Now you know where I’m going with this.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Gustave More

Gustave More’s depiction of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner

From time to time I still enjoy reading literary classics. Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” has deep and meaningful messages throughout. Those truths apply just as much today as they did around 1798 when it was published.

From this classic we get the phrases “albatross around my neck”, “water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink”.

At the heart of the story is the ancient mariner who wore an albatross around his neck to remind everyone of a bad choice he had made.

Ever make a bad choice? I know I have. But bad choices are compounded when something remains to remind you of that bad choice.

There are circumstances where your decision to buy a timeshare may have been a bad choice. Maybe it seemed the right choice at the time but circumstances have changed. Now you have this timeshare and the fees that go with it hanging around your neck that you just can not get rid of.

It has become a curse: paying annual fees for something y0u do not and will never use. Adding insult to injury, you have tried to sell your timeshare with no success. Even paying fees with promises that were to good to be true.

The good news is that a timeshare need not be your “albatross”.

Park Regency Park City Utah new on the market for sale by owner

Park Regency Park City Utah new on the market for sale by owner


Consult a timeshare resales broker with experience and ethics. Get your timeshare sold and be done with it.

Understanding the process of selling your timeshare is critical. Take the time to educate yourself about it before you decide to sell. Guides to Selling Timeshare are available through There are FAQ sections, loads of information and people you can call if you need help.

The most common myth about selling your timeshare is the misconception that a timeshare is a good investment. The seeds for this notion likely came from the salesperson who sold you your timeshare. The value of a timeshare is found only when you use it. It has no true intrinsic value on its own. Plus, if you do not use your timeshare and still pay the annual maintenance fees it is near to impossible to place a value on it. In fact, some accountants may consider it a liability instead of an asset.



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Key West Timeshares – The Definitive List of Timeshares for Sale in Key West

Hyatt Beach House Resort Timeshare For Sale By Owner

Hyatt Beach House Resort Timeshare For Sale By Owner

It is not an easy thing to just drive to Key West. Ask anyone who has made the drive. From anywhere. So if you are interested in finding Key West timeshares that are for sale today I am offering a complete list of Key West timeshares: Every resort, every season, every accommodation possible. Here’s the list:

Atlantic Resort Club Key West, The Banyan Resort, Coastal Resort Club @ Key West, Coconut Beach Resort, Coconut Mallory Resort, Galleon Resort, Hyatt’s Beach House Resort, Hyatt’s Sunset Harbor Resort, Hyatt’s Windward Pointe, Reflections at Ocean Key House.

Key West is known for a lot of things, but affordable accommodations is not one of them. So by owning or renting a timeshare in Key West you could save a huge amount of money. Plus you would have all the luxury of a five star resort. Because of its tropical weather, Key West is host to myriads of festivals all year round. Any of the listed timeshare resorts would be a great choice to buy for your next dream vacation to Key West!

I just want to highlight one big event that comes up every November: The Annual Key West World Championships Super Boat International. In 2013 it ran from November 3 – 10.  It is usually the last race of the year for the Super Boat Race Schedule and will be a spectacular one at that!

Deep Sea Offshore Fishing

The Keys are bordered by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Straits of Florida on the other. Outside the reef, the water plunges to depths of 1,500 feet or more. Here, colorful dolphin fish teem just below the surface along mats of floating Sargassum grass or pieces of driftwood. Billfish, the biggest prize of them all, cruise out here too.

Species caught: blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, spearfish, kingfish, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, cobia, grouper, snapper, jacks and sharks.

Tackle: spin, conventional trolling gear, fly.

Key West Diving Timeshare Destinations

Diving and Snorkeling

Preserving the reef is a top priority for a good reason. There is no more versatile marine destination in the world. The Keys are host to coral-encrusted ship wrecks and intricate natural coral formations. There are shallow reefs for snorkelers, and a range of deeper reefs for experienced divers.

Most dive sites are equipped with convenient mooring buoys to save the reef from anchors and make it easy for boaters to tie off. Most sites are a short boat ride from the islands where dozens of highly professional dive operators are ready to cater to you.

Once you visit the Keys, you’ll see why some of the some of the most renowned dive photographers and writers in the world make this their home base.

Key West timeshares. A more affordable way to stay!

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When Is A Timeshare Not Worth A Dollar?

Short answer: When you don’t use it.

Imagine this scenario:  You just bought the boat of your dreams! You have a great location to keep it in a local marina and the slip fees are low. You have it insured through XYZ Insurance Agency for a low cost. You take the boat out on the lake every weekend to entertain your family and friends. Life is Great!

A historic drought hits the area and within a few months your boat cannot be launched – leaving it stranded high and dry. Months go by while you pay the insurance, slip fees, and boat payments. Here you are paying for a “depreciating asset” while you are not able to use it, enjoy it, or even look at it without getting mad.

Such is the life of a timeshare owner when they can no longer use their timeshare. You are paying for the timeshare but you cannot use it. Maybe your work schedule has changed so that you can never book your timeshare week. Perhaps your children have left the nest and don’t want to be bothered with family vacations as when they were young. Divorce, death, loss of job, or just loss of interest are all reasons why people stop using their timeshare.

When you stop using your timeshare it quickly becomes not worth the cost. Not unless you like the idea of owning a week of time in a resort you can no longer use. That’s kind of like paying collision insurance on a car you can never drive. There’s no point to it.

That is when it is time to sell your timeshare. Selling your timeshare is the way most often used to make sure the timeshare maintenance fees go away. Selling your timeshare is also the most efficient way to get something (like money) out of your timeshare so you can at least recoup some of your losses.

The mere thought of selling your timeshare may give you the willies! You have heard stories of scams, problems with resorts, title companies, and so on. With all the negative vibe around the net I’m surprised anyone would take the leap. But you cannot always believe that complaints on the internet tell 100% of the story. For every one bad experience in selling a timeshare there are probably a dozen timeshare owners who have sold their timeshare and are done with the experience.

What should you do with a depreciating asset that holds no value to you?

Wise up. What do you think?

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Selling Your Timeshare – Understanding The Process

Spinnaker at Shipyard Timeshare For Sale

Spinnaker at Shipyard Timeshare For Sale

Once you decide to sell your timeshare and begin the process you will probably come across steps or processes that you do not understand.

There are two very common misunderstandings about selling your timeshare.

The most common myth about selling your timeshare is the misconception that a timeshare is a good investment. The seeds for this notion likely came from the salesperson who sold you your timeshare. The value of a timeshare is found only when you use it. It has no true intrinsic value on its own. Plus, if you do not use your timeshare and still pay the annual maintenance fees it is near to impossible to place a value on it. In fact, some accountants may consider it a liability instead of an asset.

Along with the first myth about selling your timeshare is the notion that you will sell it at a profit. Very few timeshares will grow in value. As a general rule, timeshares will sell for about 25 percent to 50 percent below the developer pricing. If you use your timeshare every year you will realize the cost savings it was designed to bring. But a profit? No.

Hyatt Main Street Station Timeshare For Sale

Hyatt Main Street Station Timeshare For Sale

I wish selling a timeshare was as simple as running a local ad, receiving the cash, and handing over the timeshare deed. It isn’t that simple. Especially if you are trying to sell your timeshare yourself and treat it like selling a home. Figuring out how to price your timeshare will be the biggest first step for most timeshare owners. As a rule of thumb timeshares will sell anywhere from 25% to 50% below the retail pricing at the resort. While that may be disappointing to some timeshare owners, the good news is that timeshares do in fact sell. Timeshare resales are quickly becoming the fastest segment of timeshare sales overall. And at the same time, timeshare owners are buying more of them as well.

Once you have a meeting of the minds on the terms of your timeshare sale the details will need to be conveyed to a title company and the timeshare resort management company. You’d hate to sell your timeshare only to get the maintenance fee bill next fall!

Understanding the process of selling your timeshare is critical. Take the time to educate yourself about it before you decide to sell. Guides to Selling Timeshare are available through There are FAQ sections, loads of information and people you can call if you need help.

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Free E Book – How To Sell Your Timeshare

Silverleaf Piney Shores Timeshare For Sale

Silverleaf Piney Shores Timeshare For Sale

From comes this free e-book: How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market.

There are no strings attached, no credit card needed, no hitch, no catch. Free information is hard to beat. When it comes to selling your timeshare you can’t have too much information.

Here’s how they describe it:

“The How to Sell a Timeshare in Today’s Market ebook was written on behalf of timeshare owners for their use if and when they decide to sell their timeshares in the secondary market.  It’s basically a handbook showing the choices available to them as to the many alternatives that exist for reselling a timeshare.

  • This free e-book lays out a step-by-step, easy to read summary of  what a timeshare owner can expect before, during and after the sale process.
  • It describes the various options available to owners to sell their timeshares – including certain resale practices to be avoided and why.

This is a FREE e-book.   Please feel free to bookmark it or download it, print it, and keep it handy for reference purposes in the event you want or need to sell your timeshare.   Better to know in advance what to expect – so you can make the right decision when sale time arrives.”

HGV Hilton Las Vegas Timeshare For Sale

So then, just what is today’s market like? Heating up quickly according to all the big timeshare developers. Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, and Disney all have renewed timeshare projects that were put on the shelf, buying new property with the intention of building new timeshares, and refurbishing their existing properties. The surge in timeshare sales overall has a big effect on timeshare resales. With so many potential timeshare buyers looking and touring resorts there are a lot of buyers who don’t buy because of the price or sales pressures.

That is when they go to timeshare resales specialists to get what they need. And their numbers are growing according to recent studies. Studies have shown that in 2013 the fastest growing segment of the timeshare resales market was those who already own timeshare and are looking for a more cost effective way to buy them. They are flocking to timeshare resales companies and buying.

So now is a great time to sell, today’s timeshare market is great, and consumer confidence is the “rising tide” that is lifting and holding it up.

Get it done!


RSS feed of newest timeshares for sale.

Contact Timeshare Resale Broker.

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Timeshare Sales Success – Inventory and A Track Record Of Sales

Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshare For Sale

Newest Marriott Newport Coast Villas Timeshare For Sale

When it comes to selling more timeshare on the resale market you must have an inventory that will draw the most buyers.

More buyers generates more sales and more satisfied clients.

Consider this automotive dealership just west of Houston, Texas. Their radio and television ads boasts the largest selection of all models from all major manufacturers. Their car lot is so huge it probably has a zip code all its own! And no surprise, they sell the most autos.

The timeshare inventory at is unmatched. In addition, they have sold individually owned timeshares at over 1,338 resorts in 47 states and 29 countries. No one else in the timeshare resales industry can make that claim.

So, how many timeshares has your timeshare resale company sold?

If you are selling your timeshare there is a good chance you are using a timeshare resale company to help you. You should ask this question, “How many timeshares has your resale company sold?”

I ran across a list of timeshare resorts that a timeshare resale company has sales from. Multiple sales. The list of timeshare resorts numbers over 1,300. That’s resorts not just timeshares. They have sold over $100 million in timeshares.

That is the kind of success you want from a timeshare resales company.

Here’s a quote from their website, “Are you selling a timeshare? has sold thousands of timeshare properties at timeshare resorts all over the world! In fact, we have currently sold in over 1,338 timeshare resale resorts worldwide. A claim not many timeshare brokers can make!” . . . ” . . .the largest and oldest timeshare resales broker in the industry with over 28 years of experience at selling timeshares. Our advertising is the best way to sell your timeshare as we reach millions of potential clients annually through in-house direct mail campaigns; online internet exposure; local, national and international media; timeshare auctions; co-broker and resort referrals. We sell timeshares every day and we can help you sell yours. ”

Royale Beach Tennis Club Padre Island timeshare for sale

Royale Beach Tennis Club Padre Island

Experience counts. How many timeshares has your resale company sold?

“Our timeshare resorts catalog contains 5451 resorts worldwide. Each resort in our sales catalog is packed with pictures, a description of the resort, resort reviews, amenities, maps and a list of timeshares for sale.”

In our Timeshare Reseller Network of companies there are timeshare resort specialists and licensed REALTORS® with the expertise and systems needed to help you buy or sell a timeshare. The timeshare resale specialists can show you timeshares that match the vacation destination of your dreams. They will help you each step of the way if you want to buy or rent a timeshare.

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Best Beaches in the USA – And The Timeshare Resorts Who Are Their Neighbors

I’m always on the lookout for lists of interesting things! Some of my favorites are best baseball stadiums, fastest line production cars, and best beaches. published a list of “America’s Best Beaches Top Ten” not too long ago and when I read it, a lot of their choices resonated with me as truly excellent North American beach experiences. And luckily I have been to seven of the ten beaches on the list. The only beaches on the list I haven’t visited are Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hamoa Beach Maui, and Main Beach East Hampton, New York.

These beaches offer many of the usual things you’d guess when it comes to beaches. Plus, some of these have unique aspects to them that set them apart for a wonderful family or individual vacation at the beach. Most of these beach destinations have top notch timeshare resorts located nearby so that you can take advantage of the great rates and make the beach vacation softer on the pocketbook.

Here’s the list of beaches with my top choices for timeshare resorts nearby. The resorts have units for sale and/or rent if you’d like to browse them – just follow the links.

1.Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach Outer Banks, North Carolina - Barrier Island Ocean Pines Beach, Barrier Island Station, Outer Banks Beach Club I, Peppertree Outer Banks Beach Club II, Sea Scape Beach & Golf Villas

2.Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin, Fla.Charlotte Bay Resort and Club, Island Towers, Kahlua Beach Club, Lahaina Inn Resort, Lani Kai Bay & Beach Resort, Marriott’s Crystal Shores.

3.Coopers Beach Southampton, New YorkOcean Watch Beach Club Fire Island,  NY  USA

Wyndham Pahio Bali Hai Timeshare Resort

Wyndham Pahio Bali Hai Timeshare Resort

4.Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hawaii - The Makai Club Cottages, Hanalei Bay Resort, Makai Club at Princeville, Sweetwater at Kauai, The Cliffs Club, Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas, Wyndham/PAHIO at Bali Hai Villas, Wyndham/PAHIO at Ka’Eo Kai, Wyndham/PAHIO at Shearwater

5.Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts -
Cape Cod Holiday EstatesCaptain’s Quarters at SurfsideThe Club at Cape Cod,   Colonial Acres Resort, Cove at Yarmouth, The Edgewater Beach Resort,   Holly Tree Resort Hotel.

6.Hamoa Beach Maui, Hawaii - 

Maui Banyan Vacation Club, Maui Beach Vacation Club, Maui Lea at Maui Hill,   Maui Oceanfront InnMaui Schooner Resort, Maui SunsetMaui Sunset II

7.Main Beach East Hampton, New York -

Newport Coast Villas

The View Overlooks the Pacific Ocean – Marriott Newport Coast Villas

8.Coronado Beach San Diego, Calif. -

Aquamarine Villas,   Capistrano Surfside InnCarlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Carlsbad Seapointe ResortFour Seasons Resort Aviara, Gaslamp Plaza Suites, Grand Pacific MarBrisa Resort,  Grand Pacific Palisades, Laguna Surf, Lawrence Welk Resort Villas, Marriott’s Newport Coast VillasRiviera Beach and Spa Resort, Riviera Oaks, Riviera Shores ResortSan Clemente Inn,Sand Pebbles, Southern California Beach Club, Villa L’Auberge, Villas on the Greens at Welk, Wave Crest ResortWinners Circle Beach & Tennis, Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort.

9.Lighthouse Point Park Daytona Beach, Florida - Americano Beach ResortCelebrity Resorts Palm Coast, Coconut Palms Beach Resort II, The Cove on Ormond Beach, Grand Seas Resort, Maverick Resort, Sea Villas.

10.Siesta Beach Sarasota, Florida- Same as for Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin, Fla.

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Marriott Timeshares Are A Hot Commodity!

So far in 2014  Marriott Timeshare resales are the hottest item timeshare buyers were looking to buy. Through the years Marriott Timeshares have performed well on the timeshare resales market.

If you are looking for the best selling timeshare in Las Vegas, Colorado, Orlando, South Carolina, Hawaii, or just about anywhere else, you will find that Marriott Timeshares are the most often requested timeshares.

marriott grand chateau new timeshare for sale

Newest Marriott Timeshare For Sale – Grand Chateau

What this means for you is that if you own a Marriott timeshare and want to sell, now is the time to do it. Buyers for Marriott timeshares likely already own one and just want more. And these are not compulsive timeshare buyers – they know exactly what they want and are willing to pay a fair price. Buyers for resale Marriott timeshares understand the value of what they are getting and are scooping up Marriott timeshares every day.

If you are not using your Marriott timeshare and want to sell it, check out what the best timeshare resales professionals can do for you. Not only advertise, but negotiate the deal and take care of all the loose ends.

Marriott timeshare resales are closed every day and that makes the former owners and timeshare buyers happy. A true win – win situation!

What makes Marriott timeshares so hot? Their success in giving their customers the best experience possible.  How can you quantify that? Lets check out The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service:

Global Sales Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: The team’s adaptability to the challenging economy is what makes them a world-class sales team.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Maui Ocean Club – $3,500. Even years, Platinum, 1 br

National Sales Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacation Club – A Focused Team of Sales Professionals

Sales Support Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacation Club – The Team Championing the Sales Force!

Sales Operations Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: The Team Championing the Sales Force!

Sales Department of the Year – Hospitality & Tourism
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: A Sales Team that ADJUSTS to Change is a PRODUCTIVE Sales Team.

Award for Innovation in Customer Service – All Other Industries
Marriott Vacation Club International, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacations Worldwide Owner Services delivers unforgettable experiences that make vacation dreams come true!

And most significant award was a peer-judged Customer Service Department of the Year award. There were over 211,000 votes cast. In the category of Leisure & Tourism:


Leisure & Tourism: Marriott Vacations Worldwide Owner Services

Owner services – that’s you the timeshare owner.

With such a reputation for luxury, value, and service you can’t miss when you decide to sell your Marriott Timeshare!

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Just How Do I Go About Selling My Timeshare?

This question is deliberated by thousands of timeshare owners, if not most timeshare owners, at some point. Whey you first bought your timeshare you may not have been thinking of how to sell your timeshare when the time comes.

So here you are, ready to sell your timeshare – but how do you go about it?

Over the next few days I will be discussing the options you have in answering that question, “How do I sell my timeshare?”

Timeshare For Sale By Owner advice

Will your timeshare resort let you put one of these in the yard out front?

The first way many people think of selling their timeshare is by selling it themselves, or the For Sale By Owner approach. After all, you have heard of home owners using the For Sale By Owner approach to selling their home, right?

Selling your timeshare this way would require you to run your own ads or find your buyer some other way, locate a title company or escrow company who can handle the closing, and maybe find an attorney who can handle the sale.

Running your own ads to sell your timeshare will involve fielding quite a few calls from people who know nothing about timeshares. You will get inundated with callers asking you if it is a “home” you are selling for such a great price in that fantastic destination!

Finding a title company that can handle a timeshare closing is not that simple. Only a few title companies in the US can handle a timeshare closing. As you know, the buyer for your timeshare may live in a different state, the timeshare may be in yet a different state, and the title company will have to be able to sift through requirements of the states and their jurisdictions.

How do I sell my timeshare, and sell it myself? There are a lot of wickets to get through when you sell your timeshare yourself. Tomorrow I will be discussing a very different approach.

I recently discussed the prospect of selling your timeshare as a FSBO (for sale by owner) and hope you will look long and hard at that option before trying it.

One of the most common ways people will answer “How do I sell my timeshare?” is simply by letting the power of a search engine on the internet make the decisions for them. And it usually works out that way as well. The most likely result you will get that way is to pay a fee to some timeshare “advertising” company who is very good at “Search Engine Optimization”. Can they sell timeshares, negotiate deals, navigate a complicated transaction out of the country? Maybe not. But Google sure likes their “key word density”.

Run Through A Minefield Wearing These – Just like searching the web hoping to find good information

Searching the internet for a professional to sell your timeshare is like running through a minefield wearing extra large clown shoes. You know you will hit something, but you probably won’t like it.

Of the millions of results you’d get from searching the phrase, “How do I sell my timeshare?” less than a fraction of 1% would actually lead to someone who answers your questions.

Rather than stumbling around in the dark and crying out “How do I sell my timeshare?” call on timeshare resale specialists who have sold and closed over $100 million in timeshare sales for the owners.

Results mean everything. Especially when it is your money and time at stake.


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It’s My Timeshare And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Timeshare Honeymoon

Timeshare Honeymoon

At first, it was like a dream come true. A guaranteed place to stay at our favorite vacation spot! Every year we could count on it being there for us. It was like a honeymoon with our timeshare.

As time went on we went there less and less until we realized we were still paying the maintenance fees for the rights to keep using the timeshare. We were paying but not playing!

A break up was inevitable. The timeshare couldn’t care less. All it wanted was the fees every year and on time!

My timeshare has become more of a burden than an asset to our family. We can’t use it because of scheduling reasons. We don’t want to use it because we are tired of the location. We can’t trade it for anything decent. So what do we do? Would someone adopt my timeshare? Could I pay someone to take it for a long walk on a short pier?

Cases like this happen every day. People get tired of their timeshares and are left with a hard decision. The decision is whether or not to sell the timeshare. It is only a hard decision because we are sure to lose money when it it is sold.

One thing is certain: If we don’t sell the timeshare, it will keep costing us money to own it. It is more expensive to own the timeshare than to sell it.

Westin Ka'anapali Timeshare Resort For Sale!

Westin Ka’anapali Timeshare Resort For Sale!

Here is where a reliable source of sound information comes in handy. is such a place. There are myriads of questions owners of timeshares have and there are limited numbers of people with the right information.

Fortunately the timeshare resales specialists at have been doing this a very long time. Decades! Their timeshare resale company has sold over $100 million in timeshares and that number is growing fast.

There are plenty of reasons to sell your timeshare like this. The most important reason for me was their credentials. Realtors have standards of conduct and ethics training. They also have continuing education to keep them up to date on contract law and other real estate matters. They are also held accountable with a professional license that is constantly at stake if they do something unethical.

That kind of reassurance is important when you really need to sell your timeshare. After all, your timeshare can be a huge source of aggravation and you want the right professional timeshare resale company advertising and selling it for you.

It just makes sense.


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