Just How Do I Go About Selling My Timeshare?

This question is deliberated by thousands of timeshare owners, if not most timeshare owners, at some point. Whey you first bought your timeshare you may not have been thinking of how to sell your timeshare when the time comes.

So here you are, ready to sell your timeshare – but how do you go about it?

Over the next few days I will be discussing the options you have in answering that question, “How do I sell my timeshare?”

Timeshare For Sale By Owner advice

Will your timeshare resort let you put one of these in the yard out front?

The first way many people think of selling their timeshare is by selling it themselves, or the For Sale By Owner approach. After all, you have heard of home owners using the For Sale By Owner approach to selling their home, right?

Selling your timeshare this way would require you to run your own ads or find your buyer some other way, locate a title company or escrow company who can handle the closing, and maybe find an attorney who can handle the sale.

Running your own ads to sell your timeshare will involve fielding quite a few calls from people who know nothing about timeshares. You will get inundated with callers asking you if it is a “home” you are selling for such a great price in that fantastic destination!

Finding a title company that can handle a timeshare closing is not that simple. Only a few title companies in the US can handle a timeshare closing. As you know, the buyer for your timeshare may live in a different state, the timeshare may be in yet a different state, and the title company will have to be able to sift through requirements of the states and their jurisdictions.

How do I sell my timeshare, and sell it myself? There are a lot of wickets to get through when you sell your timeshare yourself. Tomorrow I will be discussing a very different approach.

I recently discussed the prospect of selling your timeshare as a FSBO (for sale by owner) and hope you will look long and hard at that option before trying it.

One of the most common ways people will answer “How do I sell my timeshare?” is simply by letting the power of a search engine on the internet make the decisions for them. And it usually works out that way as well. The most likely result you will get that way is to pay a fee to some timeshare “advertising” company who is very good at “Search Engine Optimization”. Can they sell timeshares, negotiate deals, navigate a complicated transaction out of the country? Maybe not. But Google sure likes their “key word density”.

Run Through A Minefield Wearing These – Just like searching the web hoping to find good information

Searching the internet for a professional to sell your timeshare is like running through a minefield wearing extra large clown shoes. You know you will hit something, but you probably won’t like it.

Of the millions of results you’d get from searching the phrase, “How do I sell my timeshare?” less than a fraction of 1% would actually lead to someone who answers your questions.

Rather than stumbling around in the dark and crying out “How do I sell my timeshare?” call on timeshare resale specialists who have sold and closed over $100 million in timeshare sales for the owners.

Results mean everything. Especially when it is your money and time at stake.


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It’s My Timeshare And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Timeshare Honeymoon

Timeshare Honeymoon

At first, it was like a dream come true. A guaranteed place to stay at our favorite vacation spot! Every year we could count on it being there for us. It was like a honeymoon with our timeshare.

As time went on we went there less and less until we realized we were still paying the maintenance fees for the rights to keep using the timeshare. We were paying but not playing!

A break up was inevitable. The timeshare couldn’t care less. All it wanted was the fees every year and on time!

My timeshare has become more of a burden than an asset to our family. We can’t use it because of scheduling reasons. We don’t want to use it because we are tired of the location. We can’t trade it for anything decent. So what do we do? Would someone adopt my timeshare? Could I pay someone to take it for a long walk on a short pier?

Cases like this happen every day. People get tired of their timeshares and are left with a hard decision. The decision is whether or not to sell the timeshare. It is only a hard decision because we are sure to lose money when it it is sold.

One thing is certain: If we don’t sell the timeshare, it will keep costing us money to own it. It is more expensive to own the timeshare than to sell it.

Westin Ka'anapali Timeshare Resort For Sale!

Westin Ka’anapali Timeshare Resort For Sale!

Here is where a reliable source of sound information comes in handy. TimeshareLink.com is such a place. There are myriads of questions owners of timeshares have and there are limited numbers of people with the right information.

Fortunately the timeshare resales specialists at TimeshareLink.com have been doing this a very long time. Decades! Their timeshare resale company has sold over $100 million in timeshares and that number is growing fast.

There are plenty of reasons to sell your timeshare like this. The most important reason for me was their credentials. Realtors have standards of conduct and ethics training. They also have continuing education to keep them up to date on contract law and other real estate matters. They are also held accountable with a professional license that is constantly at stake if they do something unethical.

That kind of reassurance is important when you really need to sell your timeshare. After all, your timeshare can be a huge source of aggravation and you want the right professional timeshare resale company advertising and selling it for you.

It just makes sense.


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Fishing Hilton Head – Where to Stay On Your Fishing Vacation

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is well known as a vacation destination for golf. That’s for a good reason: there’s dozens of magnificent golf courses at Hilton Head.

Hilton Head Fishing timeshare Vacation

Fishing? Another great attraction for Hilton Head is fishing. Both salt and fresh water fishing are busy activities there. Later I’ll get to the best deals on condos, timeshares, and resort lodging. But for now here’s more about the fishing scoop for Hilton Head Island:

The State regulates fishing up to three mile offshore.  Beyond that, Federal regulations apply. The state regulations are here.

For salt water fishing you need a State license if over 16 years old to fish from a boat.  Commercial fishing boats already have a license that covers all fisher people, and you can get a State license to fish from a private boat for $11.00 for a three day non-resident (SC) license (see below for locations that offer licenses).

To fish from the beach or the banks of estuaries (tidal creeks) or a dock or pier you now need a license.  The fee is $11 for a 14 day non-resident license ($5 for residents). You cannot fish in designated swimming areas  and you are not supposed to fish for sharks.  The sharks break this rule all the time, so you might hook a Sting Ray or Atlantic Sharp Nosed or Black Tipped shark.  You are expected to release them – if you get a Sting Ray or a good size shark, just cut the line and let it go rather than take a chance of getting hurt.

Inshore and offshore charter fishing boats are readily available. You can go fishing on a party boat with a dozen or (many) more people, which will drift fish (fishing with the boat not moving). Usually these operate inshore or not far offshore, though some will go to the reefs.  Some specialize in shark fishing, usually late in the day and into evening.

An unusual way to fish is by kayak. Outside Hilton Head offers kayak fishing tours from Shelter Cove Marina or from Hudson’s restaurant docks.

You can also charter an offshore (or inshore) boat that carries up to six passengers and will fish by trolling the bait (dragging it behind a moving boat).  This is usually called deep sea fishing. The trips offered are typically either half-day  or full-day excursions.

Hilton Head Deep Sea Fishing timeshare vacation

For serious deep sea fishing, anglers will go to the Gulf Stream, which is about 70 miles from shore. The fishing is great, but so is the round trip. Obviously a very full day of fishing.  The best time to go to the Gulf Stream is June through September.

There are a number of artificial reefs and natural banks offshore that offer fine fishing.  The charter captains know where to go at various times of year and can predict the types of fish that may be caught.

Your best bet for charter fishing is to go to the docks or call and talk to the charter boat captains to see what is a good fit for you.  Charters are available from almost all commercial marinas.

That about covers the fishing opportunities for Hilton Head. Now on to answer the question, “Where will we stay?”

The absolute best deal for quality accommodations at a great price on Hilton Head Island are timeshares. If you own a timeshare there you are in luck! If you own one somewhere else, bank and trade it for a resort on the island for your perfect fishing vacation. If you don’t own a timeshare you can always rent a timeshare and still save a huge wad of cash. When you rent a timeshare you don’t have to be subjected to a sales pitch or any hard pressure tactics to do anything. Period!

Some of the best known resort developers have timeshare resorts at Hilton Head including Disney’s Hilton Head ResortPlayers Club Hilton HeadMarriott’s Barony Beach ClubMarriott’s Grande Ocean ResortMarriott’s Harbour Point at Shelter CoveMarriott’s Heritage ClubMarriott’s Monarch@Sea Pines, and Marriott’s SurfWatch.

If you already own one of these timeshare and don’t use it any longer, consider selling it! These timeshares are often hard to come by because of their high demand and selling your timeshare could be a good move.


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Should I Use a REALTOR® To Sell My Timeshare?

Sell Timeshare Cash

This Is What You Want AFTER You Sell Your Timeshare!

Here are the reasons to use a REALTOR® to sell a timeshare:

1.  A REALTOR® can sell your timeshare faster and for more dollars returned to your bank than you could if you did it yourself. Consider these facts according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.  The NAR study found that 18% of FSBOs had a hard time with the paperwork; 14% had difficulty getting the price right; 11% had difficulty preparing a home for sale; and 6% of FSBOs had a hard time helping a buyer obtain financing, attracting potential buyers, and selling their home within the planned time frame.

Plus, consider this: The median selling price for all home sellers was $210,000 in 2012, according to NAR.  The median selling price for all FSBOs was $174,900 , while the median selling price for all agent assisted sales was $215,000.

Selling your timeshare with a Realtor will get you more money. It’s a fact.

Cash For Your Timeshare

Don’t End Up Like This Post-Timeshare!

2.  A Timeshare Relief company charges you $2,000 to $4,500 to take your timeshare permanently.  They prey upon timeshare owners that have their timeshare paid off and it must be free and clear of assessments. Timeshare Relief companies have taken over a half a billion dollars in potential equity from timeshare owners and that is an injustice to all timeshare owners.

3.  A REALTOR® gets most timeshare sellers real equity back into their pockets. The timeshare resale pros at timesharelink.com have averaged over $8000 of equity back to individual timeshare sellers in the last decade. That is a big difference because the average gain to the timeshare seller by using a REALTOR is over $10,000 compared to a timeshare relief company. The difference is huge for the timeshare seller!

4.   Buyers market, seller’s market either way it’s an “I NEED-a-REALTOR®” market.

5.  Two-thirds of for sale by owners would use a REALTOR® the next time. Over 85% that used a REALTOR® to sell would use a REALTOR® the next time they bought or sold.

6.  Selling your own timeshare is like doing your own taxes. You risk more than you gain.

7.  Mandatory ethics training:  few resale or Internet companies can put that on their resume.

To summarize:

  • Faster timeshare sale by a REALTOR®.
  • Avoid the timeshare relief companies at all cost. They drain your pocket book!
  • More timeshare equity returned to the seller by a REALTOR®.
  • It is a “I NEED-a-REALTOR®” market all the time.
  • The VAST majority of all owners would use a REALTOR® the next time.
  • Do not risk doing it yourself. Use a REALTOR® to make sure it is handled correctly.
  • Non-REALTOR®s have virtually no ethics training.

Call a timeshare REALTOR® specialist today!

Use timesharelink.com when you are selling or buying a timeshare.

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Aruba Timeshare Vacation Resort Reviews

Tucked away in the far southeast corner of the Caribbean Sea is an island known as Aruba. It is so far south in fact that it is nearly a stone’s throw from Venezuela.  Over the years several resorts have established themselves as the best in Aruba. Some have “famous” names, and some don’t. What they do have in common is a heavenly location, superb service, and quality for even the most demanding traveler.

So here’s my pick of the best timeshare resorts in Aruba. In no particular order.

Aruba Beach Club – Aruba Beach Club is situated right on the beach overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. This Resort of International Distinction is a great getaway with gorgeous beaches, European flavor and is a diver’s paradise. Onsite amenities and activities include private beach, Olympic-sized swimming pool, children’s pool, tennis, whirlpool, restaurant, casino gambling and more. Other activities within minutes of the resort include golf and horseback riding.

This photo of Casa Del Mar Beach Resort is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Casa Del Mar Beach Resort – This lovely Gold Crown resort offers a Caribbean vacation with a European flair on the delightful island of Aruba in the Netherlands Antilles with it’s seven miles of pristine beaches and popular resorts.

La Cabana Beach Resort – This resort is set on the sandy shore of Eagle Beach. On-site amenities include tennis, racquetball, badminton, two pools, and private beach cabanas. Guests will enjoy shopping the boutiques in the expansive bazaar, dining in classic restaurants, dancing in the disco, and the casinos.

Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club – Separated from the magnificent Caribbean Sea by a lovely white, sandy beach, this Five Star property offers the ultimate in luxury vacations. Accommodations range from one to two bedroom villas that are elegantly appointed with full kitchen, kitchenette, formal living and dining areas, whirlpool spa in master bath, private balcony with ocean view, laundry facilities and more.

Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – Eagle Beach – This family-friendly timeshare resort offers a home away from home with its fully equipped, spacious villas, and some key places to unplug: the Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club expanse of Palm Beach, and its winding lazy river. More aquatic fun can be had at the pool areas, while activities specific to younger guests, including arts and crafts and video games, are available as well.

This photo of Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Occidental Grand Aruba – This all-inclusive Gold Crown resort is situated on fabulous white sandy Palm Beach and offers a myriad of water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and much more. A variety of ocean view and pool view accommodations are available including standard guestrooms, studios, one, two and three bedroom villas.

Playa Linda Beach Resort – Located on Aruba’s famed Palm Beach – one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean – the resort offers a wide variety facilities and amenities, including a spectacular free-form swimming pool with waterfall, full service Health Spa, lighted tennis courts, a variety of shops & boutiques, mini-market, fitness room, kids club, business center and a variety of restaurants and bars. Spacious and elegant Studios and 1-Bedroom Apartment Suites, feature bright Caribbean decor and fully equipped kitchens, cable TV and a private balcony.

Renaissance Aruba Resort – Boasting the only private beaches on Aruba, the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino wows visitors to its tropical location with amazing views and onsite amenities. Guests can choose from two resort options, the Marina Hotel with Renaissance Mall for adults, or the family-oriented Ocean Suites.



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I Need To Sell My Timeshare Quick! What Can I Get For It?

Pono Kai Resort Timeshare For Sale

Pono Kai Resort Timeshare For Sale

What Is It Worth?

That is the first question most people ask when they are talking about selling their timeshare. How much can I get for my timeshare? What is my timeshare worth? What is the market value of my timeshare?

All are fair questions. None of them have an easy answer. Figuring out what a timeshare is worth is nothing like getting and appraisal on a house or a comparable market analysis from a realtor.

Residential homes are most often sold through an MLS listing. Data from all sales is compiled in the MLS and provides the data to determine the likely selling price of your home.

There is no standardized MLS database for timeshare that covers areas in the way that residential properties do.

What is your timeshare worth? Whatever a buyer is willing to pay. Usually a timeshare sold by the owner goes for a big discount compared to the retail resort developers rate.

Nobody wants to “give away” their timeshare for an extremely low price like you’d find on Ebay. What you’d need is a timeshare marketing specialist who can coach and help you along the way to figure out what you can expect to get for it. ARDA (American Resort Development Association) said a few years ago that timeshares sell for a discount of 25% to 50% of retail pricing – on an average. But, averages are not a lot of help when you own a Gold Crown or 5 Star resort in a great location that is under supplied and in strong demand. Perhaps you’ll fare much better than average.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale – New On The Market Today!

Get some professional advice from the timeshare experts at www.TimeshareLink.com. They’ve got combined centuries of experience in timeshare resales and know how to close deals, get the job done, and get you a check at closing without the hassles of dealing with the resort. So, What is your timeshare worth?It is worth getting real advice from professionals.

When making the decision to sell your timeshare consider the cost of owning the timeshare. That, by the way, is not a plus. The annual maintenance fees must be paid or your ownership is in peril.  I had a client once who insisted the maintenance fees he had been paying for 20 years could be added to the value of the timeshare. Sorry, but no.

That’s a solution we could all live with!


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Newest Timeshares For Sale!

If you are searching for a special timeshare property to buy, this is the tool you need. The RSS Feed from TimeshareLink.com will send you an update each time a new timeshare comes on the market for sale. This way you’ll get the first notice that it is available and you can grab that one special timeshare property before someone else does!

PLUS, here’s what it does for a timeshare seller: This RSS Feed is sent to dozens of social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and others so that you have maximum exposure to those searching all possible means for timeshares for sale by owners.

Here’s a sample of today’s timeshare feed. These are on the market as of this week:

Silverleaf’s Holiday Hills - 316809
Thursday, July 03, 2014 4:15 PM
Week: 52 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $14000

Wyndham Smoky Mountains Resort

Wyndham Smoky Mountains Resort

Wyndham Smoky Mountains at Governor’s Crossing – 316446
Thursday, July 03, 2014 2:23 PM
Sevierville, TENNESSEE
Week: Floating (High-Red)
Points: 154000
Price: $14000
Greensprings Plantation Resort – 316488
Thursday, July 03, 2014 1:50 PM
Williamsburg, VIRGINIA
Week: 18 (High-Red)
4 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $15000
Silverleaf Hill Country Resort – 316734
Thursday, July 03, 2014 11:47 AM
Canyon Lake, TEXAS
Week: 23 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $29995

Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village – 316441
Thursday, July 03, 2014 9:33 AM
Las Vegas, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
1 bdrm
Points: N/A

Price: $16500
Silverleaf’s Ozark Mtn Resort – 316440
Thursday, July 03, 2014 9:06 AM
Kimberling City, MISSOURI
Week: 18 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $20499
Waterside by Spinnaker – 316439
Thursday, July 03, 2014 9:05 AM
Week: 13 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $17599
The Shores at Lake Travis – 316438
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 5:29 PM
Lago Vista, TEXAS
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $5995
Silverleaf’s Fox River Resort – 316437
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 4:17 PM
Sheridan, ILLINOIS
Week: 48 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $9500
Silverleaf’s Piney Shores – 316060
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 1:58 PM
Week: 18 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Points: N/A
Price: $11800



Bluegreen Timeshare Developers to Demolish Patrick Henry Inn Williamsburg

Patrick Henry Inn to be Demolished

Patrick Henry Inn to be Demolished

Say goodbye to the Patrick Henry Inn – Williamsburg, Virginia. Bluegreen Vacations has submitted plans to build at the site of the Patrick Henry Inn with three new timeshare buildings, according to plans filed with the city. Built in 1973, the Patrick Henry Inn may still have hope with the Architectural Review Board or the Planning Commission. Both must approve Bluegreen Vacations plans for a timeshare to be built there.

According to plans filed by Bluegreen, the Liberty Inn and sales center will remain on the campus of the new Bluegreen timeshare development.

The Patrick Henry Inn has had mixed reviews over the years. Here’s a sample of one of the good reviews: “This is a 3 star because no restaurant on site and pool is outdoor only, but if I were choosing a location that is in Williamsburg and under $125, I would choose this if the price is right because it has a kitchen and 2 bedrooms, albeit they are small.”

Other reviews were not a lenient on the floor plans and other concerns: “I was sorely disappointed by this one. Renovations underway to improve it, but not good now.” “We felt very claustrophobic. Normal hotel suites are nicer than this was. Also, in their sales pitch they exaggerated benefits of “day passes” to other bluegreen resorts.” and “There were so many ‘stains’ on the sheets it made my stomach turn. Not to mention the hair on the pillows. We called the front desk to get new sheets. They dropped them at the door and never bothered to let us know.”

This facility would have obviously needed to be updated, but you cannot overcome bad floor plans with new paint or counter tops. Demolition is on the way!

The new buildings would all be three stories tall and be composed of 68 timeshare units with 114 bedrooms.

More about Bluegreen Vacations:

When you buy Blue Green timeshares for sale, you will also be affiliated with Interval International which offers thousands of resorts around the world as exchange choices. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Bluegreen Vacation Club Corporation is George F. Donovan. Blue Green Vacation Club resorts Corporation is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

Timeshare choices are abundant in Williamsburg:  Greensprings Plantation Resort, King’s Creek Plantation, Marriott’s Manor Club at Ford’s Colony, Parkside Resort, Powhatan Plantation Resort, Williamsburg Plantation, Wyndham Governor’s Green, Wyndham Kingsgate, and Wyndham Patriot Place.

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Now Is The Time To Sell Your Timeshare – TimeshareLink.com

Timeshare headlines are getting far too many grim outlook quotes. News outlets make it seem like if you own a timeshare you are doomed to hold your timeshare deed until the Houston Astros win the World Series (I’m a huge Astros fan by the way). Not only are there warnings about how hard it is to sell your timeshare, there are tons of dreadful stories of timeshare owners getting scammed out of their money and get left holding their deed. Just this week there were two headlines about this issue: “4 in NJ convicted in timeshare scheme” and “Washington attorney general announces settlement in timeshare, travel fraud case “. These headlines aren’t new. The bad guys have been trying for many years to find new ways to rip people off – and they feel they have a “soft target” when it comes to desperate timeshare owners who just want their timeshare to go away.

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate Timeshare For Sale

Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate Timeshare For Sale

Your timeshare is impossible to sell? Try telling that to the thousands of clients who have succeeded in selling their timeshare for a reasonable price through TimeshareLink.com. Having sold well over $100 million in timeshares helps calm any fears that timeshare owners may have about their prospects for selling their timeshare. It is one thing for a company to take a fee, post an ad and forget about it. This is an entirely different experience!

When you pick a company to sell your timeshare you want to be sure you are not falling into a bogus operation. That’s why choosing timeshare resale specialists who are also Realtors makes sense. Realtors are held to a high standard of ethics, training, and accountability. That’s a fact. And that’s why you should pick the timeshare sales pros at timesharelink.com to sell your timeshare for you.

The timeshare experts at TimeshareLink.com go the full distance to make sure deals get closed, their customers get paid, and titles get transferred as promised. Banked weeks, escrow issues, title searches, estate issues, and other questions always get resolved in a professional manner.

Trade your timeshare for CASH!

Trade your timeshare for CASH!

If you are tired of paying your maintenance fee for a timeshare you don’t use, it is time to sell. And now is a great time to sell. The resorts reported surging sales this summer, plus there are approximately 9.2 million U.S. households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare in the next 2 years. If you are no longer using your timeshare or you are tired of paying maintenance fees you should sell.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

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St Thomas USVI – Timeshares That Rock The Caribbean

St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands Timeshare All-Stars

Bluebeard Beach Club St Thomas Timeshare Resort

Bluebeard Beach Club St Thomas Timeshare Resort

Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove, a timeshare resort, which has its own beach, pool and amenities.

The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club – The Ritz-Carlton Club, St. Thomas provides deeded, fractional ownership allowing members and their guest to use a 1/12th  interest, for 21 days annually.

Bluebeard’s Beach ClubThis Caribbean-style resort is situated on a secluded white, powdery sand beach and is convenient to the best duty-free shopping areas. All of the units have ocean views and overlook the free-form pool with the swim-up bar. The resort includes a restaurant, tennis courts, and watersports. Guest may also take a shuttle bus to Bluebeard’s Castle Hotel and use the amenities there at no charge.

The Elysian Beach Resort – Cowpet Bay is the home of the St. Thomas Yacht Club and the site of this resort. Surrounded by palm shaded hills, the Elysian Beach Resort rises from its secluded beach to show a magnificent setting.

Magens Point Resort – This Resort is located high on a hill overlooking Magens Bay, eight minutes away from charming Charlotte Amalie.

Projected to open in 2014 is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Resort, a Wyndham Vacation Club timeshare property. Its doors will open where the Renaissance Grand Beach Resort once stood.

Bluebeard's Castle St Thomas Timeshare Resort

Bluebeard’s Castle St Thomas Timeshare Resort

Bluebeard’s Castle

Come away to paradise at Bluebeard’s Castle overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor in the US Virgin Islands. This luxurious resort is built around a centuries-old fortress that bears the name of the famous pirate. The local population believe that the ghost of the pirates Bluebeard and Blackbeard haunt this “castle” resort.

After a multi-million dollar renovation, the historic Bluebeard’s Castle resort hosted its grand reopening April 12th of 2011 to showcase the property and the numerous updates that have been made. Bluebeard’s Castle is a historic property dating back to the 1600s.

In 1683, the colony on St Thomas became fearful of an attach by the English. In order to protect the town the villagers added armament to a certain tower that stood 34 feet high on Moorenberg Hill. The tower was fortified with eleven cannons, seven “four pounders” and four “six pounders”.


Blue Beard's Castle Timeshare Resort Haunted

Blue Beard’s Castle Timeshare Resort – Haunted by Pirates?

There is no evidence that any pirate inhabited the fortified tower. It must have a colorful past but only legends serve to associate the tower with either Bluebeard or Blackbeard. However, St. Thomas was home to pirates long before European powers ever decided to form colonies here.  The deep natural harbor at Charlotte Amalie was a favorite among pirates who were intent on plundering Spanish ships laden with gold coins and other valuable items.  You will find romanticized stories of piracy on St. Thomas, stories of Blackbeard and Bluebeard are probably the most well known.



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