Top Nine Busiest National Parks in The USA

The number one busiest national park in the country is Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park in second place, Grand Canyon, didn’t quite make it to 50% of Smoky Mountains’ attendance.

What is the great attraction? The usual attractions are what draw people. Maybe being in a location close to so many large population centers east of the Mississippi River is what causes the attendance numbers to surge so high. All the other national parks on the list are much further west.

Timeshare resorts have exploited the area (in a good way) for fine luxury accommodations for such minded travelers to stay in a timeshare during their visit to Blue Ridge Parkway, Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park, or Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Timeshare resorts in the Smoky Mountains include:

Bluegreen’s Mountain Loft, Crown Park Resort, Gatlinburg Town Square Resort, Peppertree at Laurel Point, Sunrise Ridge Resort, Tree Tops of Gatlinburg, Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, Wyndham Great Smokies Lodge, Wyndham Smoky Mountains, and Wyndham Smoky Mountains at Governor’s Crossing.

So here’s the whole list – the busiest National Parks in the US and their annual attendance:

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tenn. 9,192,477

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. 4,401,522

3. Yosemite National Park, Calif. 3,304,144

4. Olympic National Park, Wash. 3,142,774

5. Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.-Mont.-Idaho 2,835,651

6. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo. 2,798,368

7. Zion National Park, Utah 2,586,665

8. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio 2,533,827

9. Grand Teton National Park, Wyo. 2,463,442

Grand Canyon National Park is in close proximity to Las Vegas and Flagstaff, AZ. Both of these areas offer tons of affordable and beautiful timeshare condos for rent or sale.

More about Grand Canyon National Park -  Although first afforded Federal protection in 1893 as a Forest Reserve and later as a National Monument, Grand Canyon did not achieve National Park status until 1919, three years after the creation of the National Park Service. Today Grand Canyon National Park receives close to five million visitors each year – a far cry from the annual visitation of 44,173 which the park received in 1919. Unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile  deep.

Timeshares in and around Flagstaff, Arizona, include Wyndham Flagstaff Resort, and Wyndham Flagstaff at Ridgewood. Las Vegas timeshare resorts offer many many choices and in a wide range of prices. Las Vegas is a little over 4 hours by car or bus with your hotel able to arrange a tour from just about any location.

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Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Resort Building Third Tower

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare's Third Tower

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare’s Third Tower

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Resort Building Third Tower – adding 223 units to the complex at 75 E Harmon Avenue. Once the tower is completed in 2014 Marriott Grand Chateau will have 643 units. The timeshares at Grand Chateau feature one, two, and three bedroom villas. The villas will range in size from 820 to 2,095 square feet, with mahogany stained furniture and cabinets, granite surfaces and full-service kitchens. The three-bedroom villas can accommodate up to 10 people.

This commitment by Marriott solidifies the fact that the timeshare industry is indeed bouncing back, especially in Las Vegas. When the recession was at its worst, all the timeshare resorts in Las Vegas were having trouble financing sales, attracting buyers, and keeping people employed. This sign is welcome for the area for certain!


“Thirteen months after breaking ground, Tutor Perini Building Corp. has topped out the 37-story third tower of Marriott’s Grand Chateau project.

According to Marriott Vacation Club, the property will begin to accommodate owners next summer (2014). Comprising 223 one-, two- and three-bedroom units,the third tower will offer such amenities as a lobby-level lounge, a billiards area with electronic game tables, whirlpool spas, and a three-level parking deck. Upon completion, the third tower will bring the total number of units at Grand Chateau to more than 600.

Grand Chateau will feature contemporary-style villas with sizes ranging between 810 and 2,070 square feet. In-unit features will include granite countertops, fully equipped kitchens, stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, generous living space, multiple flat-panel LED TVs with Blu-Ray capabilities and WiFi access throughout. Grand Chateau’s three-bedroom villas can accommodate up to 10 guests.”

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Marriott Grand Chateau Timeshare Las Vegas

Marriott timeshares really shine in the timeshare resale market. One of the most sought after timeshares in the world, Marriott timeshares tend to hold their value better, are in great demand, carry a certain amount of clout with the name, and have loyal owners.

Las Vegas timeshares continues to surprise many economists with their growth orientation. The local real estate market has likely bottomed out and is slowly regaining its resales values. As always, the housing situation follows the job market and Las Vegas is no exception. In addition numerous projects have been restarted, renovated, or begun. All of this points to Las Vegas’ economy getting stronger. The summer of 2013 was good for Las Vegas and the fall/winter/convention season is upon us!

It is never too late to put your timeshare up for sale. The sooner the better when it comes to timeshare resales.


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Hyatt Timeshare Steals and Deals

Hyatt timeshare resorts are considered some of the best quality and best valued resorts in the timeshare market. When you are shopping for a timeshare on the resale market price is an issue. But quality is also an issue to consider. How will it trade? Which exchange company will trade it? Is the home resort flexible in scheduling a reservation?

Check out these great Hyatt timeshare deals offered at

Hyatt Mountain Lodge Timeshares

Beautiful Setting For Hyatt Mountain Lodge

Hyatt Mountain Lodge timeshares for sale in Avon CO: Offering ski in/out access, Hyatt Mountain Lodge has what is considered to be the very best location bordering Beaver Creek, Creekside Park and the village”s Market Square. Access is acquired through the skyway to the Elkhorn Lift and all the slopes of Beaver Creek Mountain. Primarily known for great skiing, the lodge offers year-round activities including hiking, biking, fishing, golf and much more. The resort is within easy walking distance of all of Beaver Creek”s shops, restaurants and entertainment

Hyatt Pinon Pointe timeshares for sale in Sedona AZ: Hyatt Pinon Pointe sits on a crest overlooking the surrounding red rocks, and is within walking distance of restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and specialty shops. The studio and one and two bedroom condominiums feature an earthen design. An outdoor pool and deck, spas, fire pit, clubhouse with exercise center and spa treatment rooms, children’s center, and playground are on site. Hike or horseback ride through the canyons or Coconino National Park, or discover the energies of the vortex with a spiritual advisor. Golfing, fishing, mountain biking, or taking a hot-air balloon ride are just a few of the exciting activities available in Sedona.

Hyatt’s Beach House Resort timeshares for sale in Key West FL: Hyatt’s Beach House Resort offers a flavor and style reminiscent of old Florida residences. This fabulous Five Star property features seventy-four fully-furnished, two-bedroom units offering spectacular views of the blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Unit amenities include full kitchen, private balcony, washer/dryer and more. This lovely resort has its own private white sandy beach that borders the Gulf and Cow Key Channel with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean or take the free shuttle into Key West offering great nightlife, shopping, fine dining and more. Additional activities include golf, swimming pool, boating, fishing, diving and much more.

This is Timeshare Paradise!

Hyatt’s Sunset Harbor Resort timeshares for sale in Key West FL: This fabulous Five Star resort is situated in the heart of Old Town Key West and is just a few minutes’ walk to excursions, shopping, dining, and all of the entertainment Key West has to offer. Accommodations feature full kitchen, private balconies, whirlpool spas and more. Amenities and activities include landscaped swimming pool, whirlpool, watersports and much more. The resort is only two blocks from Duval Street offering great shopping, fine dining and exciting nightlife.

Hyatt Highlands Inn timeshares for sale in Carmel CA: Originally built on a wooded hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean in 1916, this fabulous Five Star property shines due to an award-winning transformation and renovation. A fixture on the Monterey Peninsula, the resort captures the resort”s glorious past and one and two bedroom accommodations feature wood-burning fireplace, kitchenette, stunning bay view and more.

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The Best Timeshare Resale Company – Searching For Solutions

Timeshare Resale Company Wyndham

Wyndham Skyline Tower Timeshare For Sale

Your search for the best timeshare resale company can go in many directions. Your success in finding the right timeshare resale company depends on so many factors.

Let’s talk about how many start their search. Using their favorite search engine they often start by using key phrases and get several million results. How do they sort it out?

I’d say you first have to define what the best timeshare resale company would be. Success should be defined by completed timeshare sales. Anything else would be a distraction. You have to admit that finding a website that boasts hundreds of thousands of visits sounds good on the surface. But then what did those visits result in? Low offers? Confused buyers? Discouraged timeshare owners who just want a decent offer?

The best timeshare resale company can attract a qualified buyer and pull a sale together. This always requires more than something a computer or a website can do. It requires the ability of a live person to sort through the requirements of the buyer, the details of the timeshare, and negotiating an agreement that is satisfactory to both buyer and seller.

Once that is accomplished the sale still needs to be skillfully followed through to closing. Again that requires a skilled timeshare resales specialist resolve all the issues in getting the title company satisfied so that it will close the deal.

Notice I haven’t mentioned fees yet. If a timeshare resales company has little or no experience getting the job finished their fees or lack of fees does not matter. Lots of folks are happy to pay no fees, but are not happy when no timeshare is sold.

There are plenty examples of  “no fees, no sales” timeshare resales companies. They don’t last long. They lack the basic experience and skills needed to do what timeshare owners want and need them to do – Sell timeshares.

There are also a growing number of “timeshare relief” companies. Their solution for your timeshare ownership problem is for you to pay them anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 and they guarantee to get the deed out of your name. Let that soak in for a minute. You are paying a company to take your timeshare from you. They succeed in getting the timeshare out of your name but it will cost a huge amount of money.

Timeshare Resale Company - Westin St John

Westin St John Timeshare

There is always the option of selling your timeshare yourself. But, would you know what to do with a timeshare buyer once you found one? Most timeshare owners wouldn’t. In fact if you were to call your timeshare resort developer to ask for help selling your timeshare to someone else they will most likely tell you you cannot do it! They will use scare tactics to make you believe you will never sell your timeshare and to just keep paying the maintenance fees for the rest of your life.

Once again the best timeshare resale company will help you to resolve your questions, get you the best deal, and make sure it is a completed sale.

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What Could I Get For My Timeshare?

I have heard that question over 1,000 times in my experience in the timeshare industry. I have probably answered it a little differently each time.

If you are thinking of selling your timeshare the first thing you have to do is realize you are not selling a residential home. Most people approach selling their timeshare just like selling their house. Checking out comparable sales data, sizing up the competition, considering the location, and pricing to sell fast, slow, or whatever fits the situation.

A timeshare will not go up in value the longer you own it. A timeshare is a luxury item and does not appreciate. Think of it this way, if you were to buy a new $40,000 sports car and drive it for a year, what would you sell it for? More than you paid? No.

Timeshares usually sell on the resale market for about 25% to 50% less than the timeshare developers’ pricing. Some fare better than others.

I have even talked with timeshare owners who think they should get back all the maintenance fees, taxes, and interest they’ve paid on their timeshare. Not gonna happen. Be realistic.

Like anything else, it is a matter of time vs. money. If you have more time perhaps you can get more money. If you want to sell your timeshare faster, lower the price – get less money – be done with the maintenance fee responsibility forever.

I Just Sold My Timeshare

There is a trend among timeshare buyers to purchase a deeded week if possible. They are seeking many of the kinds of timeshares that long time owners have. Why would they be looking for a deeded week? Timeshare buyers have become cautious about all the promises made by the timeshare developers who claim that their timeshare points will be easy to exchange. They have heard and read about many of your experiences of not being able to get the week they asked for, at the location they wanted, or even the right region of the country – much less the world. So they are looking for older deeded weeks that will guarantee at least one week a year they can count on. Not floating time, not thrown in a pool to be mixed around with millions of others points – getting diluted in the process.

I say that the value of a deeded week of timeshare is going to get more valuable as time goes on.

What is your timeshare worth? Here’s a timeshare market survey form to ask that question.


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Selling Your Timeshare – Understanding The Process

Spinnaker at Shipyard Timeshare For Sale

Spinnaker at Shipyard Timeshare For Sale

Once you decide to sell your timeshare and begin the process you will probably come across steps or processes that you do not understand.

There are two very common misunderstandings about selling your timeshare.

The most common myth about selling your timeshare is the misconception that a timeshare is a good investment. The seeds for this notion likely came from the salesperson who sold you your timeshare. The value of a timeshare is found only when you use it. It has no true intrinsic value on its own. Plus, if you do not use your timeshare and still pay the annual maintenance fees it is near to impossible to place a value on it. In fact, some accountants may consider it a liability instead of an asset.

Along with the first myth about selling your timeshare is the notion that you will sell it at a profit. Very few timeshares will grow in value. As a general rule, timeshares will sell for about 25 percent to 50 percent below the developer pricing. If you use your timeshare every year you will realize the cost savings it was designed to bring. But a profit? No.

Hyatt Main Street Station Timeshare For Sale

Hyatt Main Street Station Timeshare For Sale

I wish selling a timeshare was as simple as running a local ad, receiving the cash, and handing over the timeshare deed. It isn’t that simple. Especially if you are trying to sell your timeshare yourself and treat it like selling a home. Figuring out how to price your timeshare will be the biggest first step for most timeshare owners. As a rule of thumb timeshares will sell anywhere from 25% to 50% below the retail pricing at the resort. While that may be disappointing to some timeshare owners, the good news is that timeshares do in fact sell. Timeshare resales are quickly becoming the fastest segment of timeshare sales overall. And at the same time, timeshare owners are buying more of them as well.

Once you have a meeting of the minds on the terms of your timeshare sale the details will need to be conveyed to a title company and the timeshare resort management company. You’d hate to sell your timeshare only to get the maintenance fee bill next fall!

Understanding the process of selling your timeshare is critical. Take the time to educate yourself about it before you decide to sell. Guides to Selling Timeshare are available through There are FAQ sections, loads of information and people you can call if you need help.

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Over Inflated RCI Points – I Warned You


The saga continues, just with a different timeshare upsales strategy. “The Registered Citizen News” in Connecticut ran a story about a couple who were sold upgraded points to replace their deeded week. Their maintenance fee increased to over $1,000 a year and their health had declined to the point where they could not use their vacation timeshare. They repeatedly begged the resort management company, Bluegreen, to take back or buy back the the timeshare points. Bluegreen’s response was “no”. The couple hired an attorney to take their case to court. Their attorney has represented over 250 Bluegreen owners through the years and brought them some measure of success.”

Converting to points? Just say no!

* * * * * * *

I’ve been writing about the timeshare industry for six or seven years now – covering resort reviews, advice, sales and resales information, and some of the quirky aspects of timeshare ownership. I have often warned about the unpredictable value of RCI points and how timeshare owners have no influence over how their values are adjusted by RCI or other administrators.

Timeshare Class Action Lawsuit & Fraud

Timeshare Deception – Bad For Everyone

I saw it coming. From – “A class action lawsuit filed on behalf of timeshare owners at Festiva’s Orlando Resort alleging that the resort’s developers and managers as well as RCI, a timeshare interest exchange bank, engaged in unfair and deceptive practices and racketeering has been removed to federal court. ”

The lawsuit is specific to timeshare owners who were “upsold” more RCI points (administered by Celebration World Resort Marketing) to increase the trading value of what they owned. Too bad the program was bought by Zealandia and all points were revoked! Not only were the points purchased by timeshare owners devalued, they were reduced to ZERO!

I’d be mad too! At least I’d want my money back. Even Zealandia admitted that the program was “too good to be true” and “distorted”. Wow. Now a timeshare management company wants to be honest? In 2008 then candidate Barak Obama used a great phrase that fits here:  “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Lipstick on a Pig Timeshare Lawsuit

How Do You Like Me Now?

What is a timeshare owner to do when their points ownership gets devalued by the management company? What do you do when the US dollar gets devalued by China or Russia? You complain. But no one seemingly cares about the individual timeshare owner.

I have long advocated hanging on to your deeded week of timeshare – that is if you use and enjoy it. It is something that you can count on every year without fear of not getting your timeshare week as long as you do your part to pay maintenance fees and make the reservations. It is as simple as that.

However at some point, even deeded week timeshare owners get weary of the same resort, or can no longer use their timeshare for whatever reason. Maybe your work schedule has changed and you cannot make vacation reservations as far in advance as you need to. Perhaps the “nest” is empty and no one wants to keep going back to the old timeshare on vacation.

If that happens to you then it is time to sell your timeshare. If you think ahead and realize you will be paying maintenance fees for something you will never use again you will see how expensive it is to hold on to your timeshare and need to sell.

Find an experienced timeshare resales specialist who can get the job done. Here’s a link to a timeshare broker with decades of experience.

Timeshare Points? A dime a dozen. Maybe less.

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Best Beaches in the USA – And The Timeshare Resorts Who Are Their Neighbors

I’m always on the lookout for lists of interesting things! Some of my favorites are best baseball stadiums, fastest line production cars, and best beaches. published a list of “America’s Best Beaches Top Ten” not too long ago and when I read it, a lot of their choices resonated with me as truly excellent North American beach experiences. And luckily I have been to seven of the ten beaches on the list. The only beaches on the list I haven’t visited are Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hamoa Beach Maui, and Main Beach East Hampton, New York.

These beaches offer many of the usual things you’d guess when it comes to beaches. Plus, some of these have unique aspects to them that set them apart for a wonderful family or individual vacation at the beach. Most of these beach destinations have top notch timeshare resorts located nearby so that you can take advantage of the great rates and make the beach vacation softer on the pocketbook.

Here’s the list of beaches with my top choices for timeshare resorts nearby. The resorts have units for sale and/or rent if you’d like to browse them – just follow the links.

1.Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach Outer Banks, North Carolina - Barrier Island Ocean Pines Beach, Barrier Island Station, Outer Banks Beach Club I, Peppertree Outer Banks Beach Club II, Sea Scape Beach & Golf Villas

2.Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin, Fla.Charlotte Bay Resort and Club, Island Towers, Kahlua Beach Club, Lahaina Inn Resort, Lani Kai Bay & Beach Resort, Marriott’s Crystal Shores.

3.Coopers Beach Southampton, New YorkOcean Watch Beach Club Fire Island,  NY  USA

Wyndham Pahio Bali Hai Timeshare Resort

Wyndham Pahio Bali Hai Timeshare Resort

4.Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hawaii - The Makai Club Cottages, Hanalei Bay Resort, Makai Club at Princeville, Sweetwater at Kauai, The Cliffs Club, Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas, Wyndham/PAHIO at Bali Hai Villas, Wyndham/PAHIO at Ka’Eo Kai, Wyndham/PAHIO at Shearwater

5.Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod, Massachusetts -
Cape Cod Holiday EstatesCaptain’s Quarters at SurfsideThe Club at Cape Cod,   Colonial Acres Resort, Cove at Yarmouth, The Edgewater Beach Resort,   Holly Tree Resort Hotel.

6.Hamoa Beach Maui, Hawaii - 

Maui Banyan Vacation Club, Maui Beach Vacation Club, Maui Lea at Maui Hill,   Maui Oceanfront InnMaui Schooner Resort, Maui SunsetMaui Sunset II

7.Main Beach East Hampton, New York -

Newport Coast Villas

The View Overlooks the Pacific Ocean – Marriott Newport Coast Villas

8.Coronado Beach San Diego, Calif. -

Aquamarine Villas,   Capistrano Surfside InnCarlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Carlsbad Seapointe ResortFour Seasons Resort Aviara, Gaslamp Plaza Suites, Grand Pacific MarBrisa Resort,  Grand Pacific Palisades, Laguna Surf, Lawrence Welk Resort Villas, Marriott’s Newport Coast VillasRiviera Beach and Spa Resort, Riviera Oaks, Riviera Shores ResortSan Clemente Inn,Sand Pebbles, Southern California Beach Club, Villa L’Auberge, Villas on the Greens at Welk, Wave Crest ResortWinners Circle Beach & Tennis, Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort.

9.Lighthouse Point Park Daytona Beach, Florida - Americano Beach ResortCelebrity Resorts Palm Coast, Coconut Palms Beach Resort II, The Cove on Ormond Beach, Grand Seas Resort, Maverick Resort, Sea Villas.

10.Siesta Beach Sarasota, Florida- Same as for Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin, Fla.

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Marriott Timeshares Are A Hot Commodity!

So far in 2014  Marriott Timeshare resales are the hottest item timeshare buyers were looking to buy. Through the years Marriott Timeshares have performed well on the timeshare resales market.

If you are looking for the best selling timeshare in Las Vegas, Colorado, Orlando, South Carolina, Hawaii, or just about anywhere else, you will find that Marriott Timeshares are the most often requested timeshares.

marriott grand chateau new timeshare for sale

Newest Marriott Timeshare For Sale – Grand Chateau

What this means for you is that if you own a Marriott timeshare and want to sell, now is the time to do it. Buyers for Marriott timeshares likely already own one and just want more. And these are not compulsive timeshare buyers – they know exactly what they want and are willing to pay a fair price. Buyers for resale Marriott timeshares understand the value of what they are getting and are scooping up Marriott timeshares every day.

If you are not using your Marriott timeshare and want to sell it, check out what the best timeshare resales professionals can do for you. Not only advertise, but negotiate the deal and take care of all the loose ends.

Marriott timeshare resales are closed every day and that makes the former owners and timeshare buyers happy. A true win – win situation!

What makes Marriott timeshares so hot? Their success in giving their customers the best experience possible.  How can you quantify that? Lets check out The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service:

Global Sales Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: The team’s adaptability to the challenging economy is what makes them a world-class sales team.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Timeshare For Sale

Marriott Maui Ocean Club – $3,500. Even years, Platinum, 1 br

National Sales Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacation Club – A Focused Team of Sales Professionals

Sales Support Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacation Club – The Team Championing the Sales Force!

Sales Operations Team of the Year
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: The Team Championing the Sales Force!

Sales Department of the Year – Hospitality & Tourism
Marriott Vacation Club, Orlando, FL: A Sales Team that ADJUSTS to Change is a PRODUCTIVE Sales Team.

Award for Innovation in Customer Service – All Other Industries
Marriott Vacation Club International, Orlando, FL: Marriott Vacations Worldwide Owner Services delivers unforgettable experiences that make vacation dreams come true!

And most significant award was a peer-judged Customer Service Department of the Year award. There were over 211,000 votes cast. In the category of Leisure & Tourism:


Leisure & Tourism: Marriott Vacations Worldwide Owner Services

Owner services – that’s you the timeshare owner.

With such a reputation for luxury, value, and service you can’t miss when you decide to sell your Marriott Timeshare!

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The Polynesian – Timeshare Transition Underway at Disney World

Construction and renovation has begun at the Polynesian Hotel on the Disney World campus. Timeshare units will be available there once the construction is completed sometime in 2015. This will make the 13th property for Disney Vacation Club and the 9th at Disney World.

Polynesian Resort Disney timeshare

The Polynesian at Disney World has features alone that would make a magnificent vacation destination. For example, Nanea Volcano Pool is an expansive water playground with waterfalls, a volcano, and a water slide. All set in an exotic tropical landscape. The monorail also runs right through The Polynesian. Elevated several stories up, the monorail cuts right through the middle of the resort providing a spectacular view of the atrium in the hotel. It also gives you easy access to the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach, and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney Vacation Club is host to 13 superb timeshare resorts. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is scheduled to open in October. Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, Ko Olina, Hawai`i is also one of the newest of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas, Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort are timeshare resorts renowned for going the extra mile to make their guests’ experiences the best you could imagine.

Disney Beach Club Villa Timeshare for sale

Disney Beach Club Villa Timeshare

Timeshares at Disney Vacation Club are occasionally available for sale at a discount from the owners. Buyers are constantly inquiring about timeshares in the Disney Vacation Club group. They are some of the most sought after timeshares in the world. That being said, if you own a Disney timeshare and want to sell it you can be certain that there is a market for it. You may not get what you paid for the timeshare but you should have no problem finding someone who wants to buy.

The timeshare resale market is the fastest growing segment of timeshare sales. Timeshare owners have also become the largest group of buyers for timeshares. They own timeshare, enjoy it, and want to buy more of them. Timeshare buyers know that buying a timeshare on the resale market will save a huge amount of money so that’s where they go. Why pay the retail price when you can buy on the resale market?

Disney Vacation Club timeshares have the same experience with repeat buyers. With the reputation for quality, value, and sheer entertainment value Disney Vacation Club timeshares will remain a hot item for many years to come.


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