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Why is this the best place on the internet to sell timeshares? Because we have timeshare buyers already in our system and attract more each and every day!  With over 25 years of experience as timeshare resellers, our timeshare REALTORS® have been helping individual timeshare owners get their properties front and center for maximum exposure to buyers. IS the “best place on the Internet to sell timeshare!”   

Highly organized marketing and advertising campaigns directed to the timesharing community worldwide encourages timeshare buyers to buy timeshares on the timeshare resales market for their timeshare purchases.   Timeshare buyers fully expect a wide selection of inventory from which they can choose.  They also expect reasonable pricing on those properties.  Pricing is one of the buyers’ main motivating factors for coming to the timeshare resale market for timeshares for sale or rent rather than going direct to the resort where they are typically faced with higher retail pricing.

As of January 1, 2007, in a study conducted by ARDA International Foundation, reported that there was a total of 4.4 million U.S. timeshare owners, and sales in 2006 were up 16% over 2005, with a 5 year growth of 81%.  In addition, a study ordered by Interval International released in 2006 tells us that there are approximately 9.2 million U.S. households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare during the next 2 years.  

These are important statistics.   The incredible growth in the vacation ownership industry is self evident from these stats.  But also, for the timeshare owners searching for the best place on the Internet to sell timeshares, the huge demand of households interested in acquiring a vacation timeshare is absolutely great news!

In addition, through our timeshare resale company, timeshare REALTORS®, timeshare brokers and timeshare marketers contact us to make full use of the individually-owned inventory contained in our database 24/7 to gain access to the wide variety of timeshares available to fulfill their clients’ vacation timeshare needs.  Timeshares are removed from the database inventory every single day; and then, new sellers come in – keeping the inventory fresh, interesting, and viable for the buyers!  That’s why is “the best place on the internet to sell timeshares
Of course, “Hawaii timeshares for sale”, “Marriott timeshare resales” and “Timeshare Disney Club Vacation” are always in demand from our buyers.  However, in addition to the above, we have found that the following timeshare resort brands are very popular with the buyers in the secondary market:  Sheraton, Timeshare Westin, Westgate Timeshares, Hilton timeshares, Sunterra, Blue Green timeshares, Silverleaf, Shell Vacations Club, Wyndham timeshare for sale, WorldMark, Manhattan Club, Orange Lake, Royal Resorts, Hyatt Vacation Club Timeshares and Starwood.  

If you are ready to sell timeshare look no further! You have arrived at the best place on the Internet to sell timeshares and we can help.

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