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Learn effective timeshare resale options and common pitfalls to avoid when you sell timeshare.

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If you are looking to buy and sell timeshare on the timeshare resales market - can help. We provide the means to buy and sell timeshare, including popular vacation destinations at timeshare resorts in Florida, Cancun, and Hawaii.

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Get a Licensed Agent to explain the market for timeshares near your resort. We have sold timeshares in over 29 countries and talk to buyers every day about pricing from 89 countries.
Exclusive Timeshare Special - Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa Wyndham Avenue Plaza Hotel & Spa
Week#: 18
Bedrooms: 1
Price: $1000
A Fairshare Plus Resort. Located in the heart of New...Details
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Timeshare Resale Price Trends 2003-2012 Study
Timeshare Resale Price Trends 2003-2012 Study

New! Timeshare Resale Ads
Silverleaf's Holiday Hills - 6928126
SilverleafBranson, MISSOURI
Week: 50 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $24500
Grandview at Las Vegas - 6926867
Grandview at Las VegasLas Vegas, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $13300
Suites at Fisherman's Wharf - 6327954
Suites at FishermanSan Francisco, CALIFORNIA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
1 bdrm
Price: $12500
Marriott's Grand Chateau - 6838355
MarriottLas Vegas, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $14500
Maui Lea at Maui Hill - 6917237
Maui Lea at Maui HillKihei, Maui, HAWAII
Week: 15 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $9995
HGVClub at Flamingo Las Vegas - 6928101
HGVClub at Flamingo Las VegasLAS VEGAS, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
Price: $19900
Maui Schooner Resort - 3134984
Maui Schooner ResortKihei, Maui, HAWAII
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $23000
HGVClub on Las Vegas Strip - 6926304
HGVClub on Las Vegas StripLas Vegas, NEVADA
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $16500
Cliffs at Peace Canyon - 3138094
Cliffs at Peace CanyonLas Vegas, NEVADA
Week: 19 (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $12200
Wyndham Branson - 6802466
Wyndham BransonBranson, MISSOURI
Week: Floating (High-Red)
2 bdrm
Price: $5599
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Sell Timeshare

Selling timeshares is what we do best! We have sold numerous properties located at timeshare resorts in nearly every part of the world. If you desire to sell timeshare, we will provide you with the expertise and specialized services to resale timeshare.

If you want to sell a timeshare, Timeshare Resale Broker is where to sell timeshare. We are a full service timeshare broker solution from advertising to closing. When you sell timeshare with Timeshare Resale Broker, we will market your timeshare to thousands of interested timeshare buyers that have already called us and registered to buy timeshare. Our aggressive advertising campaigns now reach more buyers than ever before and our timeshare Realtors put the timeshare resale transaction together for you. We also focus on educating you with a vast amount of free timeshare information related to the methods of selling timeshares on the timeshare secondary market.

Buy Timeshare for Sale or Rent

If you want to buy timeshares for sale, we offer an extensive resort timeshare sale catalog, including timeshare resorts affiliated with RCI and Interval International resort exchange systems.

We have many great timeshares for sale in the most popular resort destinations including Aruba, Orlando, and Florida.

We also have many timeshares for sale at popular resort brands such as Westgate, Wyndham and Marriott. Whatever your needs are, we can help you purchase timeshare at the resort destination of your choice.

We also provide free information on how to buy a timeshare and about the buying process in our timeshare buying guide.

Timeshare Rentals and Timeshare For Rent

Timeshare Resale Broker is a full service resale timeshare and timeshare rental broker offering renters an extensive catalog of timeshare for rent at bargain prices. Not sure if you want to buy timeshare now? Check out our timeshare rentals and find a bargain for lodging at your next vacation destination.

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